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It would be a lot like Saito's place

There's always a writing prompt on LJ, always!

"If you were a pig, describe the best mud pie."

Gee, I dunno, LJ. I guess there'd be some worms up in that sh*t, maybe some rocks for texture.

"Listening to music is great. When was the last time you called your mom?"


"Tell me I'm beautiful, that I'm pretty."

LJ! That's not even a prompt. Oy...

But, today they were asking what style you'd have for your home decor n' junk. If you've seen the first scene of "Inception", you have your answer. Saito's pad is the shit. I mean, it's the shit.

Anyway, getting settled down in GA. I never thought I'd be living here again. What a trip. The room we have is small, but I mean that is the coziest way. I'm just chilling here, getting resumes and "Anchoress" stuff in order, and I swear I'm about to hit some kind of Zen. 

Cooked up some deliciousness last night. Linguine with shrimp and artichoke hearts. Very noms!

And yeah, get to hang out with the Financial Aid Officer for AI on Wednesday. We're gonna go eat sliders, and have conversations you would probably only hear at Burning Man. Yeah! That's the ticket.

But yeah, this is exciting shit!

Love of Music

Must be a blue moon again....

... because I'm postin' on the Live Journals, holy shit!

So, updates.

Nevermore Film Festival was awesome. With films like “Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula” you can't go wrong. Definitely want to see more than five films next time. Love love love.

I still cuss way too much for my own good, and the bulk of it seems to be around people who do not appreciate the bluer side of the English language. The only reason I know this is when I drop f-bombs and s-bombs in the breakroom, only to get a laugh and a head shake before Brandes points out the person who blushed and shuffled off. Then I get the backstory about how the word “fuck” slashed their tires.


I've started running. I am going to do a St. Patty's Day run with my co-worker and friend Jessica. The race ends at an Irish pub. Andy, Rob, John, Stephen, and pretty much half the nation have determined that my motivations lie in things involving hops, breweries, stouts, and all things alcoholic. They are half right, but I would be lying if the pub finish line was not at least some of the carrot to this stick. It has felt good to run again, really good. I'm slowly getting back into shape, it feels great.

Andy's birthday is coming up. Boy, is he in for a surprise. :)

Still cooking my ever food loving ass off. Gearing up for my first attempt at a crawfish etouffee for “Pixels and Pies”. Been making good stuff lately though, the MVP goes to bay scallops sautéed with bacon, shallots, and garlic. Noms!

Also, made this in a fit of procrastination.

That's about it. I can't really think of anything else to post now, but I'm sure something will come up at some point.
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Cold Gobble

I've quit cold turkey, but I have found that the challenge is not in the first week - at least for me. The challenge has been in this month. I have been craving cigarettes the way a fat kid craves gummy worms or some shit.

I dunno. I just really want to slap a pack against the heel of my palm, unwrap the pack, pluck out a jack, and smoke it to the hilt.

Ugh, this sucks. It's so bad for me, but I really want one! 
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Love of Music

Promoting My Mom

Before the mom jokes start flying, take a moment to seriously go over this. :) My mom sent this to me and other friends and family. Check it.

I auditioned to host webspots for TheDCPlace a few weeks ago. It’s a website where spots will be posted about things to do in the DC area with an emphasis on volunteerism but also places to eat, theatre to go to and other fun stuff like that. Part of the selection process is public feedback – that’s where you come in. Go to and click on the audition voting box. It’s easy to find and I’m the first person on the left in the second row – Jessie Roberts. But it takes FOREVER to load. Just be patient. I don’t  think they’re holding the voting open too long – maybe through the week-end. So vote early and vote often.


I’m sending this out in little chunks so people’s spam blockers don’t dump it. I’ll probably send it to everyone I’ve known in the last 10 years!


Jessie (Mom to some)

So, go to
Click on the audition voting box.
Mom is the first person on the left in the second row "Jessie Roberts". 

Just trying to get her a bit of a support. Thanks! 

Love of Music

I like it!

Stolen from McCoy!


So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing<<--copy & paste...
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... <<---and it would just ruin the natural levity of the note

Opening Credits: Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection

Waking Up: Dead Souls - Joy Division

Falling In Love: Talk Show Host - Radiohead

Fight Song: Rhyming and Stealing - Beastie Boys

Breaking Up: Pass This On - The Knife

Prom: If I Survive - Hybrid

Life: Trampoline - Calamine

Mental Breakdown: Street Fighting Man - Rolling Stones

Driving: Fidelity - Regina Spektor

Flashback: Uncommon - Hadouken!

Getting back together: Float On - Modest Mouse

Wedding: California Dreaming - Mammas and the Pappas

Birth of Child: Leave - Heavens

Final Battle: Under the Gun - The Killers

Death Scene: Viva la Vida - Coldplay

Funeral Song: Afrika Shox - Leftfield & Afrianc Bambaataa

End Credits: The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
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